Sunday, January 24, 2016

Writing in This Day and Age

Good morning, I wasn't sure what I'd do with this particular blog. I've been blogging on another site for three years, and I use it for everything--posts, promotion for other writers, and reviews.  In fact, I've used it for everything. The thought of having another blog didn't even occur to me until I attempted to take my turn posting the Tuesday Tales.

I'm not sure that anyone, other than myself, can see this blog. It doesn't have any followers as far as I know, although it may show up in Google+, but when it comes right down to it, this blog forum is a mystery to me. Since it's a sort of nether world, I decided to use this blog as a  diary, a place where I can rant, weep, or dream about my life in general and my writing career in particular.

I suck at promotion! There, I've said it and admitted it. I don't really promote my books basically because I don't know how. Flooding my Facebook pages with "buy my book" posts bothers me. I feel like I'm forcing my books down the throats of my friends. As far as Twitter goes, I'm tweet illiterate. I check it periodically--not as often as I should, retweet and tweet on an irregular basis, but again, posying buy my stuff for my followers seems inappropriate, although, like Facebook, I do it.

I've tried to build a fan base with my other blog, Living the Dream and with my Website but I haven't been too successful. The same thing goes for my Amazon author site and my Facebook author site. I blog periodically on other sites, hoping to increase my range, but that's it!

Recently, I joined the local writers' group, but most of them are recreational writers, so I'm not sure how helpful that will be--fun and interesting, to be sure, stressful, possibly, when I try my hand at the writing assignements they read and share at the meetings.

One thing is certain. Unless I figure out the promotion game, I'll never achieve my writing dreams. Paying for promotion isn't possible right now, and that doesn't help. So what is my goal for next week? I will try to tweet at least three times to promote one of my books. Will it work? Who knows, but if I don't try...

Have a great week.

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