Sunday, January 31, 2016

Journey into the Future

Good morning and welcome to another winter Sunday, the last day of the first  month of the year. By now, most resolutions have been scrapped, but so far--knock on wood, fingers crossed--I've managed to keep mine.

So what is this resolution I've managed to keep? I'm trying to increase my promotion efforts by posting specifically about my books weekly on Twitter. That means that during any given week, I'll have tweeted at least once about each of the books I have available. I will Facebook and TSU promote at least three times a week. It may not seem like much, but if you consider my previous efforts were hit or miss at the best of times, well, so far I have 100 percent improvement!

It also means that this morning, I'm going to talk about the sci-fi adventrue I've undertaken. My husband is a great fan of sci-fi, specifically Star Trek, all franchises from it, Babylon 5, Andromeda, and Firefly. With that in mind, I decided to begin a sci-fi series for him--episodes, just like on television, that would tell a story over time. So far, I'm still setting the stage for the space exploration adventures yet to come.

Tales of Eloisia is planned as a multi- episode adventure. Each segmanet, will deal with an issue faced by the last survivors of Earth. Set one thousand years in the future, it allows my crazy imagination to have fun. It's sci-fi, yes, but it's way more than that--it's romance, suspense tinged with horro, and paranormal adventure all rolled into one.

The basic premise of the story:

Earth is gone. Colonel James Striker, space marine and captain of the Intergalactic Peace Council’s Explorer class ship, Eloisia, must find a new planet for the six hundred people aboard his vessel. Sounds easy enough. The coordinates are plotted, and he and the ship’s crew and passengers go into cryogenic sleep for the duration of the thousand-month trip—but something goes wrong. 
When Striker awakes, the ship’s computer has malfunctioned. The vessel is racing through space, and he and those in his care are lost in time and place. One third of the passengers and crew are dead, their cryo units damaged and more than half the ship, including Engineering, is without atmosphere. Chief Engineer Mags Magregor works to repair Alpha, the advanced android computer running the ship. The sooner they can figure out where they are, the better. 

Episode One: Stowaway 
Marines searching the cargo bays discover two stowaways. Darla Edison doesn’t understand how she came to be aboard the Eloisia, but the camoid telepath will do whatever it takes to protect herself and Patrick … And if that means exposing her talent to others, so be it.
Episode Two Secrets 
When six bodies and unknown cargo are discovered in the ship’s farthest cargo bays, Striker, with few memories of the days before lift off fears he may be the one who sabotaged the ship. He asks Darla to scan his mind and find the truth. What she finds, secrets even she doesn’t understand, may lead to more dangers than either of them anticipated.

Episode Three: Sabotage
The adventure continues. Aware of his hidden telepathic talent, Colonel Jim Striker is disturbed by the thoughts of all those around him. Adding to his discomfort is a strong sexual attraction to Darla, an itch he can’t scratch without repercussions. 
Determined to find the traitors aboard his ship, Striker plans to slowly revive the passengers, but that plan fails when all the cryogenics tubes activate themselves, putting and additional drain on their already depleted power. Discovering their food cargo has been poisoned increases their danger—if the replicators fail, they’ll starve. 
When Mags, his Chief Engineer charged with repairing the ship’s AI, informs him the Eloisia is armed with banned weapons capable of destroying all life on a planet in a matter of days, Striker is stunned. Someone is doing their best to alter the ship’s mission—why?

So, Why not hop aboard the Eloisia and find out what life has in store for the intrepid travellers? Tales of Eloisia is available exclusively through all Amazon e-book retailers.

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